This property was home to Olin Ionis Chiles and Frances Haley Chiles. They resided here from 1924, when the house was constructed, until Olin's death of influenza (1965) and Frances's death in 1985 - at the age of 98!
It is also of note that Frances was the niece of Champ Clark, who was the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1911 to 1919, the crucial era of World War I. Their only son, Lt. James Olin Chiles, a Navy fighter pilot in World War II, died of polio in 1949, at the age of twenty-five. He was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery.

Olin and Frances were also the uncle and aunt of the late Governor Lawton Chiles. Lawton was a frequent visitor here, enjoying many meals prepared lovingly by his Aunt Frances.

 “My mother sold the home in 1991. I remember watching the Presidential Inauguration of Bill Clinton during the week we packed up and walked out the doors the final time as the owners and dwellers of this lovely home. It is a joy to know that the walls of this home are once again hearing the sounds of laughter as families and friends come together to share good food and fellowship. Terry, we - the Chiles Family - wish you all the success in the world!” Charlene Chiles, ( Granddaughter )

Lawton began his political career in 1958 in the Florida House the same year that Chef Terry was born. He served three terms as a U.S. Senator for Florida, from 1970 -- 1989; and was the Governor of Florida from 1990 -- 1998.